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Hog Dog Productions offers a variety of sports for your active canine. 


Agility classes are offered here at Hog Dog Productions.

You can ONLY sign up with the instructors themselves.
Contact them directly please.

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Agility Instructors

Debi Hutchison

Wednesday and Thursday evenings
Teaches primarily NADAC or AKC

Debi Hutchinson is the founder and head trainer for PAWZAZZ agility. PAWZAZZ was founded in the early 90’s. Debi and her students have achieved great success in all agility formats and the skills Debi brings to her students allow that multi format success. Classes are held locally and Debi teaches Agility Seminars Internationally. Debi’s ability to zero in on what each individual needs to promote and create success and joy is quite unique.

Cynthia Hornor

Wednesday Daytime
Teaches AKC, USDAA and UKI styles

Cynthia Hornor has been competing in agility since 1997. She has put several championships on multiple dogs in both USDAA, AKC and UKI. She is a consistent podium representative at many international, national and regional events.

Many of Cynthia’s students have been national and regional finalists themselves! Cynthia believes agility should be fun for both dog and handler. She believes in helping to build a team’s full potential using positive reinforcement and consistent handling. She enjoys working with all breeds of dogs. She owns both Shelties and Border Collies, giving her an insight on what it takes to be successful running both large and small dogs.

Chelsea Singer

Tuesday Evenings and Summer Friday Evenings
Teaches a lot of the beginners the foundations need for any venue.

Playing with my dogs is what makes my heart beat. I work as a High School Professional School Counselor during the day and LOVE what I do, but when the bell rings, it’s my dogs that I rush home to. We compete in USDAA, AKC, CPE agility venues. 

I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement training and using verbal praise in all of my classes.  In my classes I focus on bonding with your dog, finding their key to engagement, and making training fun.

Christine Tschech


I was born in Munich but have been living in the US for many years and started agility with my Labrador Brownie – the family pet – over 10 years ago when I moved to Alexandria VA. I am now competing with my two Border Collie boys, Jack and Kwik. My dogs have several MACHs and have made Finals and Podiums many times at Regionals and Nationals. We compete mostly in AKC, UKI and ISC. I believe in working small skills and concepts to lay a solid foundation for success later on but, most importantly, to keep all training fun for dogs and handlers! If agility isn’t fun then we’re not doing it right 🙂 !
I truly love teaching and try to instill joy and confidence in the teams working with me.

Disc Dogs

MAD Dogs (The Mid-Atlantic Disc Dog Club) is a regional club that is supportive to all K9 Disc Enthusiasts and Spectators alike. Our focus is competitive fun, welcoming all new members, both human and canine, at all competition levels. MAD Dogs encourages all canine lovers and their furry friends, through hosting events that are fun, well run, competitive, varied, and promote good sportsmanship. MAD Dogs always has the best interest of our canine companions at heart, while catering to the love and fun of the sport. We respect everyone’s personal goals in the sport, whether it’s just for fun, or for serious competition. Our intention is to continue growth and partnership with other canine disc clubs, in an effort to promote the world of canine disc play.

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Dock Diving and Swimming

The pools are open seasonally. You must be a member to rent the pools. Please see our Membership page.

Private rentals are in 30 minute blocks. You may have more than one dog on the dock at a time at your own discretion. The large pool is $40 a block and the small pool is $33 a block. You may rent multiple blocks (30, 60, 90 minutes). The big pool includes the use of the Extreme Vertical or Fetch-It rigs, but you must provide your own bumper.

Bad Weather Policy: The pools will not be open when lightning is present. Light rain will not stop us from opening.

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Dock Instructor

Mindy Len

I’ve been training dogs and working with behavior modification for over 20 years, doing dietary/nutritional consulting for over 15, have worked with animals ranging from domestics, to exotics like bengal tigers, sting rays, wolves, etc, and have been teaching dock diving for 8 years now.

We started dock diving at the end of 2012, when Cody (my lab x golden), was turning 6 years old, and by the end of our first season, had earned all his club and national titles in every discipline DockDogs offered (BA, SR, EV, ID), and so we attended our first Regional Championship and we earned our first invite to Worlds. We attended Worlds every year after that, including Dueling Dogs Worlds. We have received invites to, attended, and won at the UAD and NADD National Championships as well. With every organization we have competed with, we have done every single discipline offered, and earned invites to their end of year championships in every one. Cody has won more Regional and National Championship titles than I can name, and has consistently podiumed at Worlds. He is now going to be 14 in November, and is still jumping when we can get to events. We went to the Dueling Dog World Championships earlier this year, where he still managed to make finals at 13.5 years of age.

My boxer, Sophia, currently, 13 years old, has also competed more casually, and even with no CCLs and having a completely fused spine from spondylosis, she also managed to win the NADD National Championship Title at the age of 8.

About Our Pools

We have two above ground pools. The “big pool” is 41 feet long and 20 feet wide. There is a 40 ft dock that rests 24 inches over the water line. This is our “competition” pool. There is an entrance ramp and an exit ramp for this dock. Our “small pool” is 26 feet long and 18 feet wide. There is a platform approximately 6×12 feet that rest 14 inches over the pool. We also call the small pool the training pool. Both pools have sturdy fixed ramps into the pools for easy access in and out of the pools for the dogs.

We do allow both dog swimming and dog dock diving in our pools. We ask that you reserve the big pool for dock diving dogs when they are present.

We are a canine training facility, we only allow humans in the pool for the assistance of their dog’s training. No human jumping / diving allowed. There is no human recreational swimming allowed.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the pools at any time. Children must have direct adult supervision AT ALL TIMES. Children are not allowed on the docks without parental supervision. Children are never allowed on the agility equipment.


Before you and your dog may use the pools you will be asked to sign a waiver that relieves Hog Dog Productions of any liability for injury to you or your dog.  We do not require vaccine papers, but ask that you only bring healthy vaccinated dogs to our facility. Do not bring your dog if he/ she is not feeling well or if your bitch is in season.

All dogs must be on leash unless they are on the dock. We have a small fenced field adjacent to the pools that off lead running is allowed. Do NOT allow your dog to eliminate on any man-made structures, this includes the dock, the pools, the fences, the buildings, etc. Please pick up after your dog. If your dog accidentally vomits or eliminates on the dock, please use a bucket to rinse the dock.

Dock diving and swimming is a strenuous sport. It is wise to make sure your dog is healthy and fit enough to participate. Many dogs are afraid of clear water. Never force your dog into the water. No tossing or pushing is allowed.  Likewise our docks and pools can present a challenge for the mobility challenged human being. If you have mobility disabilities, please bring your own attendant to assist you with your dog.

Bring your dog’s favorite FLOATING toy. If your dog finds a toy on the property, Please do not let them take it home. Be prepared to get wet! Do not allow your keys, phones or cameras to get wet!! ALWAYS introduce your dog to the exit ramp. Do not allow your dog to exit the pool over the sides. Life jackets are not provided.

Safety for dogs and humans alike is great importance to us. Multiple dogs are allowed on the dock at the same time only if they are familiar to each and all owners agree. Be aware that there is a higher risk of injury with multiple happy dogs in a small environment.

There is no parking on the field side of the road.

Pool hours are limited to our own availability. For insurance reasons, we must be present. Please respect that this is my home and I do work other jobs. We currently offer Open Swims and private reservations for the pools.

K9 Nosework

 Certified Nose Work Instructor, Cindy Knowlton now offers K9 Nose Work classes at Hog Dog Productions. Cindy and See Spot Grin also offer great classes like Connection, Cooperation and Control.

All of Cindy’s classes and privates are scheduled through her website:


As the owner and trainer of See Spot Grin Cindy Knowlton BA, CPDT-KA, CCC-CI, CCA, CNWI brings over 20 years of professional expertise in teaching children and adults to her work with humans and their dogs, using proven humane, force-free methods that make learning enjoyable for all involved. She is dedicated to continuing her education and research to deliver the latest and best training practices and programs to you and your dog.

As the co-founder of the Connection, Cooperation and Control™  program she is delighted to be helping dog/handler teams all over the world develop the kind of bond that makes both home life and life on the go easier, as well as filling in the gaps to create top level performance teams in their chosen dog sport. As Maryland’s first Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor Cindy has been working with nose work enthusiasts since 2010. Whether you’re looking for some sniffing fun, or a relationship with your dog like no other, Cindy’s got the professional education, skills and know how to get you there.

Sheep Herding

Hog Dog Productions is home to anywhere from 20-40 pure bred Dorper and Dorper Katahdin sheep. Susan Rhoades from Keepstone Farms teaches dogs and handlers from beginning to competition level sheep herding techniques. See her Keepstone Farms website for more info on Susan.

Want your dog to learn how to herd sheep? Not sure if your dog has what it takes? Schedule a lesson or herding instinct test with Susan. Susan comes to Millersville, MD several times a month to give lessons. She usually comes on Mondays. A lesson is $70.00 for up to 30 minutes and an instinct test is $50.00 for usually 10 to 15 minutes. If your dog likes to chase we usually recommend the lesson over the instinct test. If Susan has released you, you may also rent individual time for practice at $15 a visit.

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Herding Instructor

Susan Rhoades

Susan Rhodes has been teaching Sheep Herding lessons at Hog Dog for more than 14 years. Susan has her own facility, Keepstone Farms in Berryville, VA. Susan originally got into sheep herding “accidently”. She was looking for a Border Collie to compete in Obedience with. The breeder of the dog she picked required her to also work the dog in herding. Susan found her love of the sport through that. Susan has competed on the national level. She is currently competing with 5 dogs.


Feel free to shoot us a message! Contact instructors directly for more class information. Visit our sports page for instructor contact information. 

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Feel free to shoot us a message! Contact instructors directly for more class information. Visit our sports page for instructor contact information.